بلياردو قيمز

  1. بلياردو قيمز

    بلياردو قيمز


    1 hour and 12 minutes of illustrations, examples, tips, and demonstrations. Over 100 video demonstrations and super-slow-motion video clips. The DVD contains narrated video demonstrations of various pool and billiards techniques and principles including super-slow-motion video clips filmed with a special high-frame-rate video camera. The DVD helps you learn everything from the fundamentals (stance, stroke, aiming methods, etc.) to advanced techniques (strategy, carom shots, jump and masse shots, etc.) by David G. Alciatore, PhD (”Dr. Dave”). Plays on any DVD player (US compatible) or any computer with a DVD drive.


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بلياردو قيمز

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بليردو قمز


العاب قيمز

بلياردو قيمز

بالياردو قيمز

بالياردو قمز

قيمز بلياردو

بريالدو قمز

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